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Reaching Muslims around the world with the message of Islam

Every day, millions of people look to YADI for inspiration and guidance to lead a better life.


Dawah (Advocacy) & Education

✅ Islamic Center for Education (ICE-SL).

✅ Online Islamic Lectures and Reminders.

✅ Masjid/Community Da’wah Programs.

Sadaqah (Charity) 

✅ Support for Women and Children.

✅ Support for Persons with Disabilities.

✅ Emergency Support Aid.

✅ Community Development Support.

Youths Empowerment & Livelihood 

✅ Provision of Skill Trainings and Capacity Building.

✅ Talent Spotting and Promoting.

✅ Provision of Hijab for Women and Girls.

✅ Provision of Mentorship and Counseling.

National Recognition Awards 

✅ National Islamic Awards (NIA).